End of the World is May 21???



The bible is clear on two points.  First is that no man will know the time or date of Jesus return.  Second is that you can test a prophet based on if their prophecies come true and if the prophecy does not come true you stone the false prophet.  Or least don’t listen to the prophet any more since we don’t stone folks these days.

So the idiot who says the end of the world is tomorrow, May 21 cannot possibly know since you cannot get that from the bible.  This same idiot said the end of the world was in 1994 and that didnt come true.  So this a false prophet and I find it sad that folks are still willing to listen to him and give him their money.


Still here.  But it is only 2:33 pm so less than 4 hours left.  🙂


Didn’t happen.  Just as I thought.  God has a time but we are not privy to that knowledge.  If ever someone tells you they know, run away from them. 🙂


Wow.  He won’t go away.  Says he is off 5 months so now it is October 21.  Sigh.  I liked the tweet from Pastor Steven Furtick.  “Harold! Harold! Harold! My man Harold! The score is functional unraptured universe 6 billion you 0. The clock says 0:00


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