Transformation or lack there of

I am always amazed that God helps when I need it the most.  When I struggle with a problem.

Yesterday, I got angry and yelled.  I pray each day to be transformed and yet I seem to be my old self.  But I know I am not who I was before I met Jesus, but why do I fail?

So today God answered.  Through my daily Slice of Infinity written by Margaret Manning from Ravi Zacharis International Ministries.  Today’s was about transformation.

“Why is transformation so hard?  And why do we seemingly see so little of it in our lives, no matter conviction or creed?”

I want to be have a smile at all times without ever getting angry or mad.  I pray for this but I think God is answering me by the improvements I have made but keeping some fire in my belly like Peter.

More later.


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