God of Love, God of Judgment

Listening to Michael Ramsden from Ravi Zacharias International Misnistries talk on God of Love, God of Judgment.

I hope I do some justice in expressing this wonderful talk.  Listening to it is the best way.

Michael quoted from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  I  hadn’t thought about love in these terms and how I love.

“True love does not exist in the absence of judgment, true love only exists in the presence of it.”

“For the words I love you to be truly meaningful, the person who speaks them must truly know you.”

There is much more and Michael is trying to answer the question about how God seems to be of Judgment in the Old “Testament but of Love in the New Testament which looks in contradiction.  And yet in all of the Bible both are on display.

For now, I will end with this.

Michael was asked “Why Jesus have to die in order for us to be forgiven?”

He answered “When justice collapses in a society, hope collapses.”

“In every religion of the world, God exercises his mercy at the expense of his justice.”

Except in one.  In the Christian faith, we teach of the cross and salvation.

“God exercises his mercy through his justice.  The justice of the cross.  Sin is dealt with. The consequences of sin are fully born and paid for.  The requirements of the law are complete.”


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