Crutch or Cross

To quote former atheist Daniel Rodgers: “The Truth of the matter is that Jesus never offered a crutch, only a cross; it wasn’t a call to be a better person with high self-esteem or a plan to help us scrape through our existence.  It was a call to acknowledge that the forgiveness we all seek is to be found in him by following him onto the cross… It’s because Christianity is true that it has something to offer every person in every circumstance, regardless of their background or intellectual capabilities.” (D. Rodger, “Is Christianity a Psychological Crutch?” (from

I got this quote from January 19’s A Slice of Infinity.  The title of the note was Is Christianity Just a Crutch?

It was posted at the end of the note, but one that I felt the most compelled about.  Having a personal relationship with Jesus is not a crutch.  While God provides support, comfort, direction, and understanding Jesus also says to take up our own crosses and follow him.

That is not a crutch.


One Response to “Crutch or Cross”

  1. Thanks for sharing my quote 😉 If Jesus didn’t function as a crutch for the first disciples he certainly doesn’t today! Thanks.

    You can read the whole article here >


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