A Gift More Than A Discovery‏

John Calvin insists that faith is more of a gift than a discovery.  Do we seek God is is God seeking us?

I am grateful that I am not left to my own discovery and seeking.  If God had not sought me, I don’t know if I would have ever have found Jesus.  Being raised in a family that was basically good but not totally faithful, I knew the basics from Sunday school and the sermons.  But going to church most Sundays without the push to seek Jesus.

it seem that going to church was…

More story than relationship.

More religion than relationship.

More tradition than relationship.

i dont ever recall ever hearing the alter call in the Presbyterian church I attended in Indiana.  I faintly think we went to church in the other places we lived while I was growing up which shows how little it was part of my life.

I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior when I was 16.  By myself without anyone around.    But I didn’t made it part of my life.   This is why I love the parable of the prodigal son.  The father ran to this son when the son came home.  God runs to us.  We seek his repentance and before we can offer ourselves He runs to us.  He hugs us.


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