Unanswered Prayer

I pray.  I pray daily.  I speak to God all through the day.

I know He is listening.  And while I know that God listens and answers prayer and that His timing is perfect, I wonder why God does delay per my clock and why God sometimes doesn’t answer.

When I think of this I must remember that Jesus asked to  have the cup taken from him.  Not by his will, but only the fathers.  Jesus obeyed even to death and while Jesus could have been spared the death he completed the assignment.

Matthew 27:43 shows the taunts of the people that Jesus heard while being nailed to the cross. “He has put His trust in God; let God rescue Him now – if He wants Him!”   Jesus knew that the only way that we would be saved was through his death.  No death, no sacrifice, no salvation.  Jesus knew that if God saved Him from the cross, we would not be saved.  Jesus was willing.  While he did ask the father to take the cup, Jesus knew that taking the cup from his hands would leave us where we were.

I can picture being relieved that the father did not take the cup but I can also picture some trepidation that the cup was still with him.  Being fully God he wanted to save us.  Being fully human he wanted to be spared the pain.

So when I feel as if God is not listening or when I wonder why God is taking his time in answering my prayer or not going to answer my prayer, I remember that God loves me and has a perfect plan.

So trust in Him.


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