New Patches on Old Clothes

In Mark 2:18-22 Jesus was asked why his disciples were not fasting when John’s disciples and the pharisees were.

Jesus said why would there be fasting at the wedding while the groom was still there?

That I understand.

But what comes next now has me thinking. I thought I used to know what it meant to sew on a new patch on old clothes or to put new wine in old wineskins. I get the practical application that putting on a new patch on old clothes will create a bigger tear or that new wine in old wineskins could burst but how does that fit to what Jesus just talked about with regards to fasting and I’m testing?

Are the old clothes the Old Covenant or the old law the Pharisees knew and the new patch are the new words that Jesus was talking about?

Is it difficult to give old people or people who are set in their ways a new idea and a new law that that will cause them problems and ripped them apart and therefore they will never accept the new idea?

In Mark 2:17, Jesus just told them that he came for the sinners since those who are well don’t need a doctor. Are those in the old clothes or wineskins the righteous?

What’s interesting is that Jesus criticized the Pharisees a lot but yet the Pharisees also were following the law in therefore righteous. The adage you can’t teach an old dog new tricks seems to be in contradiction here. Jesus came to give us a new covenant, a new command and a new way of thinking which is the new patch and the new wine so he had to pour have people with new clothes and new wine skins.

So new clothes and wine skins are those born again?

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