In Mark 4:21-23, Jesus talks about things that we either should not or could not be hidden.

I get the part about not putting a lamp under a bowl or bed since the light is useless if not on a lamp stand.

And I get if we think that which we try to hide will ultimately get revealed

But I am wondering how the light we are to shine as Christians is the same as a hidden secret or sin?  I suppose no matter what we try to do whether we try to hide something on purpose such as a sin or try to hide something on accident such as our faith, it will be revealed.  Whether we want or not.

God is telling us that His word and His son is not something for us to hide. Jesus is something to reveal. It is meant to shine on all. Even if we try to hide it, it will still come out.

And sin that we want to hide will be revealed even if not to another human, it will be revealed to us when we stand before the judgement seat.


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