God is with us

Christmas time.  To me, always beautiful and always joyous.

I have always enjoyed the Christmas season.  The time from Thanksgiving to New Years.  The focus is off the world but on Jesus birth.  I know a large percentage are looking at the lights, trees, presents, parties, time off from work, etc.  I like those things too.
But I keep reminding myself of the greatest gift ever received.  God gave us His son.  Jesus.  it is hard to understand that Jesus birth was needed.  For without a birth, a death could not happen.
400 years of silence from God.  No prophet had spoken or been directed by God.  While God still listened and answered prayers, there wasn’t the constant word of the prophet.  I suppose to those who didn’t pray or keep the faith, the silence must have been deafening.
Into that silence a baby’s cry.
In the largest empire known to man, in a backwards town in a backwards province a king is born.  Not in a palace, but in a stable.  Not in Rome or Jerusalem, not in a palace or mansion, not in a crib, but in a manger.
God promised Jesus would come.  Now the promise fulfilled.
God came into this world because He said He would. He came to save us and to heal us.  Why?  Because He loves us.  He wants us saved and healed.  Love.

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