Would they even leave?

Mark 6:30-44 is about Jesus feeding the 5,000. Those totals are more if you include women and children. The Bible just notes 5,000 men.

When i first read through this today, I didn’t feel God speaking to me on anything to take away today. I have read this account before both in Mark and the other Gospels so it was a familiar one.

As I read it again, I was thinking even if Jesus had sent them away as the disciples urged, I don’t think any of the 5,000 would have left.

They knew they were in the presence of something special and historical. I think the 5,000 included those who firmly believed that Jesus was messiah while others were there for curiosity sake.

But can you picture anyone leaving just because Jesus dismissed you? I am sure they all were tired and hungry, but if anyone of them had heard some of Jesus teaching that man can not live by bread alone, but on every word of God then they why would they leave?

And since they had heard or seen the miracles, what makes anyone of us think they wouldn’t have thought that Jesus would not let them die? So feeding the 5,000 is not that much of a stretch for God after He healed the sick, drove out demons, and teaches with authority.

I wrote the above yesterday. Today I reread Mark 6:45-46 where Jesus dismissed the crowd. So was I wrong about them not wanting to leave even if dismissed?

Before he dismissed the crowd, He made His disciples get into the boat and go ahead of Him to the other side. So the crowd must have known that Jesus was going to leave since the disciples left before Him. So being dismissed was not an option this time.

Hmmmm…but to get to the current spot where the feeding of the 5,000 took place Jesus and His disciples took the boat from another spot (Mark 6:32-33) on the lake. And the crowds followed.

So would this time when Jesus dismissed them would they leave? After saying good-bye, Jesus went away to the mountain to pray. So the crowds must have left Him alone. They must have left this time.

Why this time and not the other? Why follow Him before but this time not?

Unless he reason was before He did not dismiss them but this time He did?


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