Reboot 2.0

Not that it was so long ago that I started this blog.

Here are thoughts about what I will be writing.
Sometimes random.
Sometimes deliberate.
Sometimes from what I read.
Sometimes from what I think.
Sometimes from what I hear.
Sometimes from what I pray is God inspired.

But they are mine. I am the one to be held accountable. My words, my actions, my thoughts.

I also want to work through some of the books of the Bible from a layman/engineer’s point of view. Some of what I have read and heard and some from some research. Having experts give their thoughts is great, but how is it read by a layman first.

Reading the book of Ezra seems so remote from what we live today but what we do see is that nothing really changes. Yea, technology changes and we have representative democracies, but humans are the same with same problems and concerns and fights and wins.

I am always after the truth. Not my opinion but the truth. I know I filter things through my experiences and thoughts and beliefs, but I always want it to be of the truth.


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