Jesus Does Everything Well

I thought this was an interesting heading in the version of the Bible I read for Mark 7:31-37 since my older Bible calls this section “The Healing of a Deaf and Mute Man”. But then I got to 7:37 where the people said “He has done everything well! He even makes deaf people hear, and people unable to speak, talk!”

Once again, Jesus goes traveling and people find out He is around and bring their sick.

So they bring to Him a deaf man who had a speech difficulty. Since the man could not hear that Jesus was around his friends took him to Jesus. I am sure they communicated with him some way so he would come with them. Also, since he could not speak his friends spoke for him. This is another example where friends helped someone who was sick. I can’t help but think the friends were blessed too.

The friends begged Jesus to lay His hand on their friend. Instead of just healing him on the spot, Jesus took the deaf man away from the crowd privately. Why? Why not just heal the man there for everyone to see? He healed others in crowds, but this was to be done in private.

And not just healing with words or laying of hands, but a very personal healing with Jesus putting His fingers on the man’s eyes and spitting and then touching the man’s tongue. The spitting part seems gross but there may have been something culturally. Like how folks would spit in their hands before shaking to seal a deal. My bible notes that while “Jesus was capable of healing by a mere word, He presumably used his method to make clear to the deaf-mute what He was about to do.”

So touching the man’s eyes and tongue makes it clear that Jesus was going to heal the man’s hearing and speech. It could also be the personal touch of Jesus and how God wants to personal relationship with us. It isn’t from the distance but up close. It isn’t just words in a book, but Holy Spirit in us.

This isn’t the first time that Jesus healed in private.

Private means personal.
Private means focused.
Private means face to face.
Private means no one else can be credited with the miracle.

And it isn’t the first time he told them to tell no one. And each time He said tell no one, they went out and told anyone who would listen. Reverse psychology? Tell some one not to say because you knew they will say? If you told them to tell everyone, they would tell no one? Could it be that by saying don’t speak Jesus was helping folks to speak?


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