Enter a king, exit a condemned man

Mark 11:1-11 talks about Jesus’ triumphal entry in to Jerusalem. People shouting praises and laying their robes or palm branches along the path where Jesus was coming as he rode a donkey.

I read this while my mind was thinking on how He exited Jerusalem carrying his cross to Calvary.

They hailed Him as a king! And He is the king. But they wanted an earthly king to overthrow the Roman government. They didn’t see that He was king over something far greater. Maybe that is why it was so easy for them to yell crucify him days later.

I don’t think the same people were in both crowds. Different people with different mindsets.

Jesus was born to die so I am glad He went to the cross. Though I cringe at it and wish the ending was Jesus coming down from the cross, I am glad He didn’t because without the cross I unsaved.

Thank you Jesus.


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